Escuela de Zhineng Qigong Shen Ji         

    - Un Camino de Vida -

Being very grateful with the interest to this retreat we are happy to say it´s  completed, so if you are thinking about joining us, please DO NOT transfer the booking deposit before checking if there are places available by calling or wasap this number: 605270687 (Antonio)



¨Awakening the pure consciousness

to explore our life activities¨

El Escorial, Madrid 2019


  Purpose and content:

1.    Learn about yiyuanti, consciousness theory.

2.    Experience and maintain aware consciousness to move towards the true self.

3.    Improve the purity of your consciousness.

4.    Training the concentration, power, independence and confidence of consciousness.

5.    See through attachments and fixations to transform and go beyond all kinds of emotions.

6.    Develop yiyuanti’s functions, based on the second life-system to practice the entirety of body, mind, qi and the universe.

7.    Develop the paranormal abilities of yiyuanti in receiving and sending information, practice pure consciousness information healing, long distance healing and scientific experiments.

8.    Cultivate universal love and compassion to build a harmonious life, harmonious relationships and a harmonious world; enjoy an aware and harmonious entirety life in the present moment.

9.    Learn and Practice some part of Paranormal abilities Methods to improve body and mind health state.


  • For whom is this Retreat?:

The Retreat and the teaching of the proposed program is open to everyone.

  • Dates

From wednesday 25th till 29th September,  2019.

  • Start and end times:

The reception of the participants will take place on September 24th starting at 18:00 pm. The course will begin on Wednesday 25th at 9 a.m. and end on Sunday 29th after lunch.

  • Place:

Casa Marista Fuente Nueva

Carretera Guadarrama km 5.5. (Exit 47,  A-6)

28200 San Lorenzo del Escorial. Madrid

All the rooms are SINGLE rooms, if you wish to share please let us know in advance. Thank you

  • Cost:

The Retreat will cost 630 € for registrations made before August 25, 2019. This price includes Course + Accommodation + Meals.

For registrations made after this date will cost 670 €.

Places are limited, if it's your interest, I recommend you book yours as soon as possible.

  • How to get there:

Click here for Map

Telf. 918 90 58 39  y  667 57 49 73


  • 03 kms to San Lorenzo de El Escorial
  • 57 kms to Madrid

How to get there

   Bus: 661. Madrid (Moncloa) – S. Lorenzo de El Escorial (M-505. Por Galapagar)
   Bus: 664. Madrid (Moncloa) – S. Lorenzo de El Escorial (A-6. Por Guadarrama)
   To see times: Consorcio regional de transportes:
   From Moncloa (Madrid): Isla 1. Dársena 11
   Closest stop: Urbanización La Pizarra-Felipe II 

Train Services
   Stations: Atocha, Nuevos Ministerios, Chamartín.
   Renfe (arrival to El Escorial Station).

By car
  Road Number M-600. Carretera Guadarrama, km. 5,5
  On line maps: 
  From Madrid: AP-6. Exit 47 


  El Escorial (from train station)  -  918 90 00 15 - 608 70 12 66
  San Lorenzo de El Escorial (from bus station)  -  918 31 77 77 - 670 01 94 00 - 918 90 17 17


Teacher Xi Xiaofeng

My name is Xi Xiao Feng.
I was born in 1971 in northern China's Inner Mongolia.
The boundless prairie where I grew up helped my mind remain clear and pure....
From when I was very young, I thought about the real meaning of life.
In 1991 I had my first contact with Zhineng Qigong scientific theory.
  Through the study and practice of Zhineng Qigong
I discovered a wonderful state of being.

In the autumn of 1993 I gave up going to college and pursuing a vocal music degree and dream. I then chose to enter myself for the examination to the HuaXia Zhineng qigong training center two-year teaching class.

I passed the entrance exam and was lucky enough to take part in the two-year Teacher Training class at the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Centre, taught by Dr. Pang personally.

The two years of studying, accepting and learning the teachings of my Teacher Mr. Pang Ming is the most important thing in my life experience. Dr. Pang often taught about the meaning of life and how humans should live.

I progressively began to establish my outlook on life, my values and my world-view.

I am very grateful that with Dr. Pang’s help and through Zhineng Qigong I found out the direction of my life. I can say that the science of Zhineng Qigong has shaped the direction of my life and my whole life state itself.

Zhineng Qigong science is based on Hunyuan Entirety Theory.

Understanding this theory can help us build a harmonious state, which is what all humans seek. I have dedicated my life to researching Zhineng Qigong science. I try to bring its benefits to other people, to relieve pain and suffering and to assist more and more people to achieve a harmonious life state.

My work experience is as follows:

From May 1995 to June 1996 I worked at the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Centre in the class for developing paranormal abilities. I taught methods and theory about paranormal abilities and helped many people develop their abilities.

Since July 1996 I have travelled throughout China teaching Zhineng Qigong. I have held many healing retreats, advanced retreats, and retreats to develop paranormal abilities, with very good results.

Now I am also working with the Harmonious Big Family to bring Zhineng Qigong to Westerners.

In 2006, I founded the Zhineng Qigong treatment and training  center in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. I have spent the past 20 years conducting in-depth research regarding the health benefits, treatment and practice of Traditional Chinese medical theory through Zhineng Qigong which borrows from traditional Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism.

The accumulated experience regarding the treatment of all sorts of illnesses under the guidance of the Hun Yuan Entirety Theory has demonstrated remarkable results.

Many patients that were given up on by their doctors and hospitals have gained a new life through Zhineng Qigong practice and treatment. By helping students to properly adjust their state of consciousness, develop a positive mental attitude and firm faith in their ability to heal Zhineng Qigong achieves very good results for healing.

Because it is simple to teach, easily understood, and produces quick results Zhineng Qigong is also effective for those interested in preserving and maintaining good health.

Because of these reasons Zhineng Qigong became the most popular Qigong in China in the 1990’s and has since been practiced by millions of people all over the world.

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