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  • For whom is this Retreat?:

The Retreat and the teaching of the proposed program is open to everyone. (Exam only for the School students)

1. Level one as well as get good health.

2. Learn, experience and confirm the reality that everything is qi, building the view of qi world and qi life.

3. Consciousness observes and merge with body, open inner space, achieve qi body state, experience different levels entirety state.

4. Consciousness guides different part qi body to change freely, as well as merge and guild universe qi to transform body qi freely.

5. Develop some primary paranormal abilities, for example: sense qi diagnose, send qi to do healing for self and others, send qi to plants…… 

6. Teach of level one: train to teach the methods and theory of level one: include La Qi, Lift Qi Up Qour Qi Down, Standing Meditation,Massage abdomen, big circulation, vibration, breathing, create qi field, etc..

7. Day 27th: Exam for International Certificate given by the Harmonious Big Family and Shen Ji School, only for those students who have complete the Teachings at Shen Ji School

Also the level one there are six practice steps, I will share some information based on local practitioners state...


. Retreat: 23 - 26 October, 2019
. Exam: October 27th (those who are not taking the exam but would like to stay to share the experience are welcome)

  • Start and end times:

The reception of the participants will take place on Tuesday 22 October starting at 18:00 pm. The course will begin on Wednesday 23th at 9 a.m. and end on Sunday 27th after breakfast for the retreat participants and after lunch for the exam (will depend on the number of people taking the exam).

  • PLACE:

Cortijo de Frías

Crta. Cabra-Nueva Carteya Km. 6
14940 Cabra, Andalucia, Spain 

Contact Information:

Tel: 957 334 005
Mobil: 608 555 581

  • Cost:

The Teachings will cost 360 € for registrations made before September 23th, 2019.  For registrations made after this date will cost 400 €.
. Food & Accomodation: 234€. (+ 11€ for those who wish to stay for lunch and share the exam). (Accomodation will be single rooms in apartments with shared bathroom) Another option is "albergues" sharing 4 beds per room: 204€ (+ 11€  for those who wish to stay for lunch and share the exam)

The menu will be vegetarian, if you have any food intolerance please inform the organization

To reserve your place, please enter, before September 23th, the amount of 75 € (this amount will be deducted from the final price of the course). Please do NOT transfer more amount that the indicated.  To the following bank account:

IBAN: ES53 3023 0431 4064 2076 5502, by Caja Rural de Granada. To the name:  "Escuela de Zhineng Qigong Shen Ji". Please refer as concept: "Teacher Tao Qingyu 2019 Retreat" and your full name.

So that we can confirm your booking, please send us the copy of the transfer to the following email address:

The amount of the reservation will only be refunded in case of cancellation of the course.

Places are limited, if it's your interest, I recommend you book yours as soon as possible.


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